Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: Filling out Surveys for Extra Cash

As it indicates over there on the right hand side of the page, I've tried just about every work from home program I can get my grubby little hands on for around a decade. Now, of course, I did take time off from various income streams when I had my children, or when life happened, and these days I am a freelance writer and editor. But I've still run the gambit in this area.

One of the ways to make money online that I gave a shot was filling out surveys. This was a long time ago, while I was still going to Glendale Community College and my children were very little. Is it a scam? No, you really can get paid for filling out surveys. But there is a bit of a catch that they don't usually let you know about up front: your selection of surveys is indeed limited.

Sure, there are hundreds, even thousands, of surveys available online that companies will pay people to take. It's part of their market research and they are certainly hungry for the data that makes a difference to their bottom line. However, they are willing to pay because they are running a highly targeted campaign. This means that you will not qualify for all those surveys.

Whereas it is true that you can take any number of surveys, and there's no "glass-ceiling" involved in the amount of money you can make, you are simply not going to qualify for every paid survey that's available. Honestly, you'll be lucky if you qualify for 5 or 10 surveys per week (which generally only pay a few dollars, or less, each).

You can increase the number of surveys you may qualify to take by joining up with as many companies who deal with these sorts of listings as you can get your hands on, and it's true that some companies are a bit better than others in this regard, but you're still not going to be able to quit your day job by taking surveys online.

On the other hand, if you're looking for an easy way to get a small amount of extra cash this can be a great way to do just that. By the end of the month you may not have more than enough to buy yourself a ticket to the movies, but that may be a movie ticket you wouldn't have been able to squeeze into your budget otherwise.

Whether or not taking surveys for cash is going to be a worthwhile endeavor for you is going to depend on your individual situation and your personal goals/desire for making money online. Do you want to find a way to fire your boss? Then this probably isn't the solution for you (although combining it with many other small-time, legitimate ways to make a little extra money online might help you get there eventually. Again, it depends on your personal situation). But are you just looking for a good way to make a tiny bit extra in your free time? Then you might want to give surveys a shot!

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